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What is Purpose Guiding? 

The Purpose Guiding Institute (PGI) defines purpose guiding as the "art and science of guiding a client to identify and then embody their life purpose."

What is Purpose Guide?

Purpose Guides™ are people who feel called to support others to discover a life of purpose. Purpose Guides™ have a deep commitment to their clients’ evolution, to their own continuous learning, and a desire to create a planet with 7.8 billion people living with purpose.

As your Purpose Guide™, I will hold space for you as you uncover your true nature, purpose and deepen your relationship with Soul. Through powerful questions and reflection, you’ll be supported as you identify your inner knowing and work through the barriers that prevent you from realizing and stepping into your true self.


What you will receive by going through the purpose guiding process is:  

  • Learn to listen to Soul through being in Nature.

  • Explore your longing.

  • Learn what holds you back and how you can work with resistance.

  • Know who you are and what your gifts are. 

  • Center yourself to explore purpose.

  • Learn how to live a Soul infused Life.

Seekers will emerge as their true-selves easing into daily life in deep relationship with Soul and aligned with purpose. 

The Purpose Discovery Process 

Throughout the six-month process, you will receive 1:1 guidance as you complete 12 modules developed and field tested by the Purpose Guiding Institute (PGI).  The process also includes:

  • Going on an initial Soul Walk in nature to consult with Soul about participating in Purpose Guiding. 

  • Organizing a Soul Circle of trusted friends to support you through the process. 

  • Going on a SoulQuest in nature. 

  • Meditation & Reflective Writing

The purpose discovery process is intimate and personal.  Seekers will be moving into a territory where they will know purpose by deepening their relationship with Soul.  Purpose is not a thing, it is a process and evolution.  Throughout life, purpose or "purposing" may take on different energy and it will shift depending on what comes your way.  Purpose discovery is an intentional step towards your evolution.


So I’ll ask you again: What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Contact me and schedule your complimentary purpose guiding session.

Required Reading for Purpose Guiding: 

SoulCraft by Bill Plotkin. You may access it here

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