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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between You and a Coach involved in a thought-provoking, creative process that inspires and supports YOU to maximize your potential to accomplish personal and/or professional goals. Learn, Evolve and Transform.

Why Do People Seek Coaching?

  • To gain clarity on what’s next.

  • Ignite your passion and blossom.

  • Break through and achieve positive change.

  • Release behaviors that are holding You back.

  • Develop powerful relationships.

  • Set goals and determine a path for achieving your objectives.

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How Will You Feel After Coaching?

  • Confident and clear about your next steps. 

  • Successful breaking through limiting beliefs, and barriers.

  • Acceptance of your unique Self, Truth, and Gifts.


~ Claudia Barajas ~

Program Officer & Children’s Advocate

"I started working with Gina at a time in my life when my stress and anxiety levels were overwhelming.  With her help and support I learned to manage and reduce stress and anxiety with some goal setting, mindfulness and meditation.  I can’t thank her enough for her wonderful insight, support and motivation."

The Mindset

  • Engages in a collaborative and creative process with a coach and/or purpose guide to align with the true-self and highest potential.

  • Is open to creativity, imagination, and reflection as a way to nurture awareness and self-realization.

  • Is ready to uncover and develop parts of themselves that may have been overlooked.

  • Is open to exploring ideas and actions other than their own.

  • Wants to let go of beliefs or behaviors that no longer support them.

  • Is prepared to let go of or eliminate any self-limiting behaviors that diminishes their authentic self and success.

  • Works collaboratively with a coach and/or purpose guide to work through blocks and challenges.

  • Is willing to take the best actions in any circumstance, instead of just thinking about them.

  • Takes responsibility for results and learns from them even when unsuccessful.

  • Is willing to be honest with themselves and with their coach and/or guide.

  • Will acknowledge and share with their coach and/or purpose guide where they are stuck.

  • Opens mind and is willing to receive feedback.

  • Views coaching and/or purpose guiding as a worthwhile investment.

  • Is ready to make a total commitment to making coaching and/or purpose guiding successful; is ready to put in the necessary time and effort.

  • Keeps appointments, listens carefully to directions, and meets deadlines.

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The Mindset

Coaching Services Available

  • Coaching for Individuals

  • Coaching for employees

  • Group Coaching


Is Coaching Therapy? 

No. Coaching is not therapy. Therapy is focused on treating a clinical diagnosis, or a past psychological trauma.  Coaching is focused on the present, the future, and moving forward.  

It is action-driven and the agenda is determined by the client.

Here’s what will happens when you contact me

We will schedule your confidential, 30-minute Complimentary Coaching Session to discuss the personal or professional challenges you’re facing and the goals you want to achieve to create fulfillment in your life.

At that time, I will also share more about how I work as a Coach and answer any questions you have about working together. It’s just that straightforward and easy.

If you decide you’re ready to take the next step on your path to success, we’ll discuss what coaching package suits your needs and budget. Then we’ll get you scheduled for our first sessions together (usually to occur over the phone, FaceTime or Zoom).

Once we get started together, we’ll assess where you are today, what blocks need to be cleared from your path of success and where you would like to go personally and/or professionally.  Then together, we’ll also review the Coaching Agreement which sets the coaching guidelines, expectations and agreements.

It is highly recommended that all clients read or reread:

1. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – Available in English and Spanish.

2. Emotional intelligence 2.0 – Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

Coaching Agreement
(Click here to download)

Remember, the coaching process is about taking action, whether it’s small and incremental steps or big steps, it’s about moving forward.

The Quest for Balance:

4 Powerful Questions to Inspire Real Change

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